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Onyx FR Launches for Markforged Industrial Series Printers

V-0 rated nylon filled with chopped carbon fibre designed for strong, lightweight, flame-retardant parts.

H13 Tool Steel Material

Optimised for high temperature and wear applications such as moulds and die casts, wear inserts and tooling, and forming punches and dies. 

Introducing the ProJet MJP 2500 IC

Produce hundreds of patterns at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional wax pattern production. The ProJet MJP 2500 IC 3D printer delivers design freedom, quality and repeatability.

Figure 4 Standalone

Figure 4 Standalone by 3D Systems delivers industrial-grade durability at an affordable price and low total cost of operations - up to 20% lower part cost compared to traditionally manufactured parts

Markforged Metal X

The next generation of 3D printing has arrived in the UK 

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Liverpool John Moores University takes delivery of the Markforged Metal X

See this end-to-end manufacturing solution for yourself at one our Metal X events across the summer.

UK's first Markforged Print Farm

"The parts were so good that we wanted to continue with the same process for the higher batch volumes. The HK3D print farm enabled us to simply expand our capacity from 2 printers to several printers, running 24 hours per day in order to meet the batch production demand".

Matt Hill, MD at MHDE

Introducing The Industrial Series

Discover the Markforged X3, X5 and X7 - replace machined aluminium with carbon fibre for stronger parts

5 questions about 3D printing on the shop floor;

We asked the experts at one Precision Aerospace Engineering Company...

Case Study: Stanley Black & Decker

See why Stanley Black & Decker's engineers believe they’ll save thousands of pounds per year on just one 3D printed part...

Eiger Software

The Markforged Eiger software is both powerful and easy to use in your browser, importing your drawing and slicing it for high strength printing

Case Study: JJ Churchill

JJ Churchill has reduced the time it takes to prepare fixtures by 70% in its CMM quality inspection process and cut costs by 50% with 3D printing technology from HK3D

Carbon Fibre Reinforced 3D Printed Parts

Achieve unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability with Markforged 3D printers

Case Study: Warwick University

WMG are helping speed up new product development with the MJP 2500 3D Printer

The ProJet MJP 2500 is Here

Professional 3D printing at an affordable price

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Formally known as Hahn and Kolb (GB), HK has enjoyed a long and established heritage synonymous with innovation and advancement. Today our team of industry experts have set the bar in aiding our customers to maximise the use of 3D Printers and the associated software.

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Our technology enables our customers to manage this whole design to manufacture process. From engine prototypes to flight-ready aerospace parts, from a surgical trial-run to medical implants, from a designer dress to intricate confections – and everything in-between.

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Markforged Launches Flame-Retardant Material – Onyx FR

Markforged Launches Flame-Retardant Material – Onyx FR

Markforged has introduced its latest Onyx material, the flame-retardant Onyx FR. The material has been developed to print parts that need high-strength, low-weight, and flame-retardant properties and therefore is ideal for aerospace, automotive and electronic housing...

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3D Systems 3D Printer Roadshow Comes to Rugby

3D Systems 3D Printer Roadshow Comes to Rugby

Come along to HK3D on Feb 11th to see the revolutionary Figure 4 3D printer & learn how the latest Digital Light Processing technology is dramatically increasing prototyping & production efficiencies for designers & engineers.

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In partnership with 3D Systems and Markforged, HK3D Solutions brings the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions to the UK. We pride ourselves on working closely with all of our customers, specifying the correct build platform, printing technology and materials to help you realise your rapid prototyping needs both now and in the future. Get in touch with one of our experts today.