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5 questions about 3D printing on the shop floor; we asked the experts at JJ Churchill



JJ Churchill has been involved in precision aerospace engineering and manufacturing for over 80 years. In order to successfully compete in a highly regulated and demanding market for so long, the engineering team are constantly sourcing new ways to improve manufacturing processes. Reducing tooling lead times and cost, without compromising quality. This is where they turned to HK3D and embraced Markforged technology.

We asked them 5 questions about how 3D Printing has benefited their manufacturing processes on their shop floor…

You have tried other FDM type systems in the past, what made the Markforged parts different?

We have used FDM printers in the past but once we realised the directional strength properties available with Markforged we haven’t used anything else since.


Typically, accuracy can be a real challenge with FDM type parts, what have the results been on Markforged parts?

Accuracy is key for components we manufacture therefore we chose Markforged as the printer is capable of a consistent ±0.20 tolerance.

You have been using the Markforged proprietary material Onyx, how has this coped in the shop floor environment?

The fixtures produced on Markforged are used in a production environment where they constantly in heavy contact with super hard metals. The Markforged components have exceeded all expectations regarding part life.


Using the Markforged parts, what sort of cost saving have you seen?

A typical cost saving compared to a traditional metal fixture is 60% or better.

With our latest example, traditionally, it would cost £1200 to produce this fixture and would take 10 days.

Using Markforged the cost was £250 and the time was 3 days.

HK3D have been working with you for some years now, what would you tell others about the application support you have received?

The hardest challenge, particularly for an SME, is integrating the latest technology into the factory. The technical support offered by HK3D has enabled the design engineers at JJC to create innovative fixture designs that have offered huge benefits to manufacturing processes.



If you would like to request a demo of Markforged technology or to discuss an application please get in touch.