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From full colour models to complex end-use parts

3D printing technology is driving a revolution across many industries and a wide variety of applications, including markets that even a few years ago would not have been considered appropriate for 3D printing.

3D Systems, the inventor of the original 3D printing technology, SLA®, now offers 7 distinct 3D printing technologies that address a wide range of industries and applications. In addition, 3D Systems’ engineering and design software solutions and 3D scanning technologies, combined with 3D printing, offer customers a comprehensive, integrated solution to create 3D data from physical objects, conduct rapid design and engineering on 3D data, and output immediately to 3D printed parts.

These technologies enable designers, architects, engineers, inventors, researchers, doctors, jewelers, teachers, students and more to easily exploit digital to physical technologies to significantly improve design and production times, increase accuracy, and reduce costs across the board.

With our 3D printing technologies, customers are performing same-day tool production, creation and shipping of end-use parts in less than 20 hours, and 3D printing speeds that can almost match those of injection molding speeds.

Aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and product designers and engineers use 3D Systems 3D printers for rapid production of end-use parts, creation of lighter vehicles and products, and saving significant time and costs using 3D prints as casting patterns.

Medical providers and researchers use 3D Systems’ solutions to drive forward into progressive surgical treatments that deliver less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times for patients. Medical Modeling’s Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®) service and surgical planning models deliver more accurate surgical treatment options for surgeons. Custom-fit bone implants designed using 3D Systems design software and 3D printing enable better outcomes for patients. Metal Dental 3D printing short-cuts previously lengthy design and casting procedures including affordable solutions for casting patterns (wax ups).

Education establishments worldwide, from elementary schools through to advanced research universities, use 3D Systems’ 3D printing solutions to enable production of custom parts for research projects, investigate the physical feel of atoms and cells through to researching better outcomes in engineering schools.

While these are just a few of the many applications and uses of 3D printing, we know the possibilities are endless.

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